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LinTar is a decompressing tool written in GTK+. Its functionality is similar to the known WinZip for windows. Its aim is to be able to compress/decompress all archive formats in the linux world.


LinTar news:

Install Instructions

You need the gtk+-2.0 and gnome-vfs-2.0 libraries so the output of 'pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0 gnome-vfs-2.0' works without errors. After that just use the standards 'configure, 'make' and 'make install' in a terminal to compile and install the program.

Otherwise, you can always use the debian package, easier and simplier. :-)

Features and TODO list

Lintar is still in a beta stage but it's actually quite usable as it is. This program is copyrighted under the GNU GPL license so you know what kind of warranty you get :-) This is a small list of planed features for the program, (bold features mean that they are already included in the program so enjoy ;-)

Known bugs

These are the known bugs and limitations for the current LinTar version, if you know anything to fix them please contact me on Thanks!


Everybody loves screenshots. Here are some:


You can find and download old LinTar released files also from sourceforge. The debian package is digitally signed so you may need my public GnuPG signature. Remember that all this code is released under the GPL license:

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